My Daring Halloween Makeup Results: Fox

To embrace Halloween to the fullest this year, I decided to do 10 days of Halloween makeup. To read about my process, read this post.

  1. Evil Witch
  2. Pumpkin Skeleton
  3. Tiger
  4. Gold Cat
  5. Rainbow Eye
  6. Leopard
  7. 70s
  8. Blank Slate
  9. Fox
  10. Batman


My easiest look! In 3 steps with 3 face paint colors, I was able to create a fox look with minimal effort. If you were going to attempt any look in a pinch, this would be my suggestion. When you go to buy a face paint kit (if you don’t already own one), make sure it has White, Black, and Orange. Also, you need a kit with a brush and a sponge.

As shown in the video, I started with the orange base. Then, I added in the white and made sure the lines mirrored my cheekbones. Lastly, I added in the black. To save time, I did not show how I did this step in my Tik Tok. While the Orange and White steps were done with a sponge, the black was only done with a paintbrush.

Starting in the center of my face, I painted my nose. If you are ever painting an animal nose for Halloween, look up and make sure you paint your nostrils. Secondly, I took the back of the paintbrush and created my dots. I started with the horizontal dots and then added the vertical to make sure they were perfectly centered. Next, I created my lines going down my nose. To finish the look, I painted my eyelids and made sure to create a tiny wing like in the inspiration image.

As I mentioned at the end of my video, my fox look could easily be elevated with makeup. If I was wearing it out, I could have added glitter and eyeshadow to my eyes and lips. Also, I would have made my eyebrows more dramatic and animal-like. There is a chance a more challenging Fox will be part of the group for Halloween 2023.


It’s Spooky Season & I am doing 10 Days of Halloween Makeup. Look 9: Fox #halloween #halloweenmakeup #makeup #fox

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I rated my fox an 8/10 because I mirrored the inspiration image. Some of my looks started out with lower rating possibility due to difficulty. My fox rated an 8/8 because it would not have been fair to rate such an easy look against some that I spent hours working on. Also, I realize that my inspiration look is lightly photoshopped and I will choose a real makeup look to copy for future years.


Live your life for yourself. People always ask about my intentions for my blog, Instagram, and challenges. Right now, I am just having fun and I hope my challenges are inspiring at least 1 person. If not, having to reflect while creating them, is definitely helping me grow.

Elaina Pearl
Elaina Pearl
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