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I have been waiting so long to share this first post with you all.  Sitting down to write this feels exciting and overwhelming.  Sam & I have been talking about going on an adventure for what feels like forever, but is realistically about 10 months. Merriam-Webster has a few definitions of adventure and I...

Black and White

The phrase black and white can have many meanings.  This post could be about race, about opposites, or about right and wrong.  The English language is amazing and highly confusing that this could be the case.  To talk about black and white the way I want to, we need to start with the gray area.  The vast...
The most common reason people don’t like shopping online is that it can be a hassle if they need to return.  I agree.  It is always the errand I dread the most: whether it is going to the mall or the post office.  This black Friday, I had very minimal returns and I wanted to share my...
“If I can make it there, I'll make it anywhere.”  Frank Sinatra sang it best.  You can travel the world and there is nowhere quite like New York City.  After a recent trip, I realized I had been taking advantage of the fact that I grew up near and had the opportunity to live...

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