My Daring Halloween Makeup Results: Leopard

To embrace Halloween to the fullest this year, I decided to do 10 days of Halloween makeup. To read about my process, read this post.

  1. Evil Witch
  2. Pumpkin Skeleton
  3. Tiger
  4. Gold Cat
  5. Rainbow Eye
  6. Leopard
  7. 70s
  8. Blank Slate
  9. Fox
  10. Batman


I was really excited to attempt this look: half glam, half leopard. Usually, creative animal looks are my best ones. For my leopard, I should have left more space around my eye without the orange base. When I went in with the white face paint, it was not as bright as I wanted. Also, for some reason, I found the leopard spots to be much harder than the Tiger stripes.


It’s Spooky Season & I am doing 10 Days of Halloween Makeup. Look 6: Leopard Inspiration IG: @withlove.nadia #halloween #halloweenmakeup #makeup #leopard

♬ original sound – Elaina Hirsch

I rated my leopard look a 5/10. I know I can do better than this. Her coloring transition is more seamless than mine and I really struggled with the spots. It is amazing that leopard is on so many lists as easy Halloween makeup. I would strongly disagree.


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