Left Saint George Ready, Just Arrived in San Diego

Goodbye Saint George, Hello San Diego

Usually these goodbye posts are a time to reflect and reminisce about the place we are leaving; a place we called home on our nomadic adventure.  Saying goodbye to Saint George doesn’t feel like that.  You could argue that I already said goodbye, several months ago, when we actually left, but I don’t think that is it.


  • Proximity to Nature
  • Quiet
  • Cheap

Not Fave

  • Proximity to Airports
  • Tiled Kitchen Counters
  • Washed Clothes Never Felt Clean

The Drive to San Diego, California

Saint George marked the end of our random era… or so we thought when we were leaving.  From the start, we knew we were going to spend time in California.  It felt like the intentional part of our trip was beginning.  Unfortunately, we had to pass through Las Vegas for the fourth time to get there. 

Say what you want about the middle of the country, driving from Saint George to San Diego was the ugliest drive on the trip so far.  At one point, we thought we spotted civilization, but it turned out to be a prison.  I am glad that we didn’t need it, but we packed an emergency jug of water for this leg of the trip.  Stuck in the desert without water is such a cliche.

I’d never driven into California before.  We were not expecting “border patrol” between Nevada and California.  It was an agricultural border patrol, but still, it was unexpected.  About twenty minutes after we arrived in California, the traffic began.  It is noteworthy that from New Jersey to North Carolina and all the way through Nevada, we experienced no traffic. 

Towards the end of the drive, Sam had to take over because my cold was worsening.  We drove straight to a Jewish deli for Matzah Ball Soup (yes, civilization again!).  I was very grateful that Sam’s friend joined us that evening and helped unpack the car.  I sipped my soup, drank my tea, and crawled into bed.  Excited for six weeks in the second happiest place on Earth (after Disney World) or so I thought.      


Take your adventure to unexpected places.

Elaina Pearl
Elaina Pearl
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