My Daring Halloween Makeup Results: Pumpkin Skeleton

To embrace Halloween to the fullest this year, I decided to do 10 days of Halloween makeup. To read about my process, read this post.

  1. Evil Witch
  2. Pumpkin Skeleton
  3. Tiger
  4. Gold Cat
  5. Rainbow Eye
  6. Leopard
  7. 70s
  8. Blank Slate
  9. Fox
  10. Batman

Pumpkin Skeleton

I vowed to attempt 10 days of Halloween makeup and post each one, regardless of the outcome. My second look is my worst attempt, so far. Sometimes you have to accept failure and sometimes you have to try again. In this case, I feel like there may be a repeat attempt next year. I know I can do better than this.

Although there are only two colors in this look, because they require face paint and one of the colors is black, it is much harder than it appears. Once you start with black, it is really hard to go back without completely restarting. My biggest grievance with this look is where I put the line going across my forehead. It is way too low. My second biggest is the shape of my eyes. When you put both of these colossal mistakes together, you truly achieve a terrifying impact. Unfortunately, it is not the terror we were hoping for.


It’s Spooky Season & I am doing 10 Days of Halloween Makeup. Look 2: Pumpkin Skeleton Inspiration: Inspiration: Joo Mazzucco #halloween #halloweenmakeup #makeup #pumpkinskeleton

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My pumpkin skeleton look achieved a 3/10 mostly because I know I can do much better. Listening to my own challenge from my Evil Witch post, I won’t end this post being so negative. There are a few learnings from my attempt.

  1. Start with the lines going upward before you create the horizontal line. I started horizontally too low and there was no going back from it.
  2. Use black eyeliner/eyeshadow for the eyes to be able to achieve the thin line.
  3. I don’t enjoy looking at myself in scary Halloween makeup.

Start seeing your days in quarters: morning, midday, afternoon, and evening. You can be down in one quarter and still win the game. I have seen this concept a few times on the Internet and I think it is worth sharing (not sure of the origin).

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