San Diego: The Truth About My First Impression

San Diego: The Second Happiest Place on Earth, After Disney World

I’ve always heard or thought of San Diego this way.  You could say my expectations were high.  I thought it could be one of the only places to make me think twice about wanting to spend my days in the North East.  Could I have been more wrong?

It is not San Diego’s fault that we visited in the off-season during California’s state of emergency storms.  A city that, without sunshine, falls flat is not the second happiest place on Earth.  As of right now, that title still goes to my alma mater, the University of Delaware.  

If we had another Airbnb, potentially I would have felt differently.  We were staying in the North Park District. Our parking spot required a 5-point turn to back into because it was tiny and in an alley.  We knew that the Airbnb did not have air conditioning, but we did not realize it did not have heat.  It was in the shade and I was freezing the entire month.  Also, every time we showered, water flooded the floor.  I am inserting my rant here, so the rest of this post can focus on what San Diego did have to offer.  It was not all bad.

Seeing the Silver Lining

My first impression of San Diego was that it felt familiar again.  Between access to a Jewish Deli, a close friend, and a coast, we felt set.  Our first weekend in San Diego, we mostly stayed in the Airbnb because of flood warnings.  We only left to see Avatar 2 in IMAX, which if you have not seen it, you are seriously missing out.  There are very few movies that I have to see in theaters.  Avatar is on the top of that list.  

Seaport Village is really cute in itself.  Add in a sunset and you’ve achieved unreal scenery.  The village is close to the Gaslamp District.  We did not spend a lot of time here, but we did try some tacos.  I thought about writing an entire post about Mexican food in San Diego.  I decided against it because even Sam & I could not agree.  Honestly, we didn’t eat a taco or burrito we didn’t like.  It’s about preferences.  I will shout out Roberto’s Taco Shop for their Carne Asada burrito because I still think about it.  Make sure you order the green salsa.


There is a silver lining to everything.  It may be thin and hard to see, but it is there.  Make sure you always try to find it.

Elaina Pearl
Elaina Pearl
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