Denver: A Timely Fashion Treasure

I believe in Karma and Fate.  Unfortunately, my laptop is broken so I had to drive 25 minutes away to a Best Buy to see how badly it is going to hurt my wallet to have it fixed.  After finding out that I have no warranty to fall back on, I left the store feeling deflated.  My GPS told me to turn the wrong way down a one-way street, so I found myself driving in the opposite direction of my next stop.

Fueling my Love for Vintage Fashion

As I was trying to find my way back to the correct GPS route, I drove past a store that made me do a double take.  It is called “Garage Sale Vintage”.  There was no parking nearby, so I kept driving on.  When I finally parked outside of a different store, I looked up “Garage Sale Vintage” to find out it was a much cooler store than I originally thought.  I had to turn around and go back.

When I walked in, I felt a sense of calm.  It seems unfair to refer to it as a store because it is so much more.  There are old video games, a pool table, a vinyl room, and a bar.  There were so many racks of clothing to choose from that were all fairly priced (if not a steal).  I was wandering through the racks collecting my items to try on when I saw the most perfect shirt.  I feel like I have been manifesting this shirt into existence.  It is exactly what I had been looking for since February, my size, and a decent price.

Garage Sale Vintage has something for everyone.  Not only did they sell clothing, but they had accessories and jewelry as well.  It was a cool spot just to hang out, but an even better spot to feel inspired.  In a weird way, I am happy my journey took me off the straight path forward to a random Best Buy.  Otherwise, I never would have found my perfect top.

The Power of Positive Thinking

This is a true story about the power of positive thinking.  It may sound ridiculous to some that I have been dreaming about a shirt that didn’t exist, but those who know me well, know this is my normal.  This moment is made even sweeter that my perfect shirt was one that I thrifted.  Shopping sustainably provides opportunities to foster a unique wardrobe, help save the planet, and find quality clothing on a budget.


Embrace the power of positive thinking.  Put good vibes into the world.  Manifest what you want to happen.  The cost of not doing so is too high.

*There are a few locations of Garage Sale Vintage.  So far, they are in Denver & Lakewood, CO and Nashville, TN. 

Elaina Pearl
Elaina Pearl
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