My Daring Halloween Makeup Results: 70s

To embrace Halloween to the fullest this year, I decided to do 10 days of Halloween makeup. To read about my process, read this post.

  1. Evil Witch
  2. Pumpkin Skeleton
  3. Tiger
  4. Gold Cat
  5. Rainbow Eye
  6. Leopard
  7. 70s
  8. Blank Slate
  9. Fox
  10. Batman


I have always been inspired by @beatsbylizzie‘s looks. She is so remarkable. We were lucky enough to have plans with friends at an ABBA night in Denver. I was so happy to have a reason to go out in this makeup. By doing makeup looks and watching videos for a few days in a row, I already felt my skills growing.

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is about the order makeup should be done in. If I had not been watching this video, I would have started straight with the eyeshadow. Since my eyeliner took a few tries, it would have been a disaster. Watching Lizzie start with the graphic eyeliner and seeing how she drew the fake eyelashes really helped me copy the look. Videos are making all the difference.


It’s Spooky Season & I am doing 10 Days of Halloween Makeup. Look 7: 70s Inspiration IG: @beatsbylizzie #halloween #halloweenmakeup #makeup #70s

♬ original sound – Elaina Hirsch

I rated my look a 10/10. I have never been prouder of myself to complete such a strong and mostly even makeup look. I hope that my skills keep growing and that I will be able to conquer more difficult looks as I go.


Do a little research before your next challenging task. Understanding other people’s process helps guide your decisions and will ultimately provide a stronger outcome.

Elaina Pearl
Elaina Pearl
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