New Frenzy Fashion Trend: The Puff Sleeve

All of our favorite fashionistas have been rocking the latest trend: Puff Sleeves.  I think a great fashion trend is one that can be interpreted to suit many different types of styles.  I have seen this trend in every type of garment from blouses and dresses to knits and jackets.   Women who are dramatic, minimalists, or somewhere in between can all rock this trend varying the size of the puff.  As a 90s baby, this is my first time experiencing this trend, so I have to imagine puff sleeves from my mother’s point of view.  Why would she go out and buy a new puff-sleeved look when she has her old looks from the ’80s in the basement? 

Don’t get me wrong, I love this trend.  I am just having a hard time seeing the “need to buy” if we are constantly recycling trends.  I came up with only five reasons to shop.  First, you don’t own the trend.  Either you donated your garments from the last time it was in style or you never owned it.  Secondly, which is a big reason to have to buy is if your size changed.  If I had to predict, I would say the majority of fashion demand comes from this reason.  A third/fourth reason could be that the silhouettes or prints from the last time this trend was popular are no longer in style.  This reason could be motivation for people to buy new or motivation for people to rock vintage clothing, depending on your style.  The last reason, which I believe is the second biggest reason people shop, is you just want it.  You want it fresh and you want it now. 

Since millennials care about sustainability, you have to imagine the trend of wasteful shopping will decrease.  I could go out now, buy a puff sleeve blouse, and hope to keep it for the rest of my life.  With this in mind, I would buy a puff sleeve blouse of quality which is more expensive.  The second problem is where do I store it?  I could easily stock up on a lot of trendy, quality items knowing I will most likely fit in them again in the future, but where would I put them in a small NYC apartment?  There is no guarantee this trend will come back.  I love to shop.  Do I really want to re-wear old clothes for the rest of my life? I think not.

Elaina Pearl
Elaina Pearl
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