Quality Netflix Content: Surprising Covid Hero

Like most of our society, while in quarantine, I am watching a lot of Netflix.  I am watching a lot of TV in general, but there is something about Netflix’s original content specifically that has lit a spark in me.  In each show I watch, I am feeling inspired. There is a chance this inspiration has always been present after watching Netflix’s original content, but I have never taken the time to do anything with it.  Now, the only option is to do something about it.  

Netflix Show #1: Glow Up

There are three shows that have inspired me to the point that I have no choice, but to take action.  The first is Glow Up. I expected absolutely nothing when I started this reality make-up artist competition show.  Surprisingly, I am not a woman who cares for make-up. I would prefer to look natural with minimal coverage. While this fact has not changed, the make-up artists were just that: artists.  They used make-up outside of its’ normal uses and created beautiful looks that enhanced outfits, evoked emotion, and transformed the models’ faces.  

Since I finished binge-watching, I have started to create my own outrageous make-up looks and photograph them.  They are not nearly as good as the show, but it is fun to play with different colors and shapes. The best part of putting on the make-up is the photographs I feel inspired to take afterward.  More importantly than a fun activity, Glow Up helped highlight that I love photography. If you have been reading all my blog posts, you’d see in Millennial Boredom that I am in need of a new hobby.  I am confident that photography is one I will stick with after quarantine.

Netflix Show #2: Cooked

The second and third shows are about cooking.  I’ve mentioned before that I love cooking, but I don’t usually feel inspired to hop into the kitchen after watching the cable cooking channel.  The first wave of inspiration came from Cooked which explains how the natural elements are related to cooking in a four-part docu-series. Cooked demonstrated the importance of learning the history of cooking and preserving cooking at home as a common way to eat.  In recent trends, people would rather eat out than make a home-cooked meal which is resulting in a loss of knowledge and less healthy food being prepared.    

Netflix Show #3: The Final Table

The last show that inspired me was The Final Table which is a global cooking competition.  Each round is cuisine from a different country and it was truly incredible how each chef interpreted the dish.  The chefs paired unique ingredients and sauces together to innovate the most popular meals from each country. There were a lot of ideas presented that could be modified to work in my kitchen, with my cooking skills.  

I am shocked that my lazy day activity is sparking ideas for my productive days.  It is incredible how Netflix has put together content that is so relevant and thought-provoking.  If you have not watched the above three series, I would highly recommend it. To create content that makes me want to get off the couch and do something is truly an accomplishment.  Congratulations Netflix. May you be the platform to inspire our society to take action and stop watching so much T.V, by watching tv.   

Elaina Pearl
Elaina Pearl
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