New Fashion Trend: Neon & Tie Dye

So 2020 is off to a rocky start.  There is no better way to liven things up than by feeding our childish, whimsical sides.  Through Tie Dye & Neon, Spring/Summer 2020 fashion trends are inspiring us to do just that.  With Summer coming up, it is no surprise to me that in our free time everyone has reverted to childhood camp activities.

Tie Dye gives us the opportunity to take something that is nothing or mundane and turn it into something beautiful, fun, and memorable.  Tie Dyeing is the perfect analogy to 2020.  Even the happiest people in quarantine have moments where they fall into a state of nothingness and need something fun to uplift their spirits.  They take their mundane days, add a sprinkle of excitement in the form of a new project or overdue zoom call with friends, and the outcome turns into something beautiful, fun, and memorable.

Those of us who do not have the time or materials to tie-dye will turn to Tie Dye’s younger sister: Neon.  Has anyone ever had a bad day while wearing neon? I feel like that is impossible.  Wearing neon takes confidence.  It is not a color palette meant for people who are trying to hide or fit in unless you are at a music festival.

As many of you may know, planning a fashion trend takes a lot of time and effort.  When the great fashion designers were thinking of Spring 2020, they had no idea what state our world would be in.  It is kind of poetic that they have provided a moment of youth, creativity, and fun while we are in lockdown without even knowing it.   

Elaina Pearl
Elaina Pearl
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