New Frenzy Fashion Trend: Bike Shorts

Some fashion trends immediately resonate with the mass public while others are controversial.  I am a strong feminist with a passion to earn a spot with the top dogs.  Starting my career at a time when society is starting to accept powerful women is pure luck.  I hope to be among the first of many generations of women who do not feel pressured to sleep their way to the top and fashion should reflect that trend.    

Bike Shorts & Blazers

The trend of wearing a suit or blazer & bike shorts with only a bralette is sending the wrong message to young, impressionable women.  A suit or a blazer is a fashion symbol of the highest accolades in the professional world.  Otherwise said, it is a symbol for a powerful woman.  

Right before this trend emerged, the fashion industry was making strides on updating the old-fashioned pant suit.  Fashion brands were adding wide leg suits, interesting colors, and other modern touches to feminize and make suits more trendy.  These updates allowed more women to be seen and embrace their style while still fitting into the corporate world and demanding respect.

We are the first generation of social media influencers.  There is a responsibility that comes with having a big following.  What message are you trying to send? How will your post impact the people who look up to you?

act and dress like the position you want,

not the one you have

I understand wanting to make old-fashioned suits more sexy, but we cannot forget their intended end use.  There are blouses and other shirts that, if worn without a camisole, would be revealing, but worn with a camisole, would be appropriate for work.  This lane would provide women who wear suits daily an opportunity to elevate their work wardrobe, while still having a trendy brunch outfit if they so choose.   

Purpose of Outfits

While work attire is becoming more stylish and trendy, it is important to remember the purpose of going to your job is to work.  There are countless ways to express your style while still maintaining complete professionalism.  As the lines get blurred, starting with the power suit, I fear the work wardrobe is going to become more casual and revealing.  

Fashion is a way to express yourself, but it is also a way for people to judge you.  Let’s influence the next generation to understand the gravity of what women had to endure to be considered equal at the top and not take away from their accomplishments.   

Be fashionable.  Be trendy.  And Be professional.  This way, when you receive the promotion you deserve because of your hard work ethic, no one will question why you received it.  One of the greatest pieces of advice I ever received was to act and dress like the position you want, not the one you have.

Elaina Pearl
Elaina Pearl
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