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San Diego: The Most Disappointing & The Best

A Moment Alone During one of our first weekends, Sam went backpacking with his friend that we were visiting.  I took the chance to explore the city - Elaina style.  I went shopping.  There were so many boutiques and thrift shops in North Park, which is the district our Airbnb was in.  I stumbled upon a parking lot that was filled with vendors, as if...

San Diego: The Beautiful Sunset Without A Crowd

San Diego Sunsets On so many blogs they will tell you to go to Sunset Cliffs to see the sunset over the Pacific Ocean near San Diego.  To me, it was overcrowded and stressful.  There are plenty of other beaches and locations to watch the sunset.  If you go to a less crowded beach, the experience can be calm and romantic.  I am not sure...

San Diego: The Truth About My First Impression

San Diego: The Second Happiest Place on Earth, After Disney World I’ve always heard or thought of San Diego this way.  You could say my...

Left Saint George Ready, Just Arrived in San Diego

Goodbye Saint George, Hello San Diego. This boring drive through the desert is one that you are not missing out on.

Sedona: A Special Place I’ve Always Longed To Be

Sedona is a spot that my parents loved and always talked about when I was growing up.  It felt surreal that I had the opportunity to visit.

Growth Challenges: This Is Q1 2023

At the end of every blog post, I challenge my readers to do something that will encourage self-growth and learning. This post shares the all challenges from Q1 2023.

Zion: The Best National Park?

When we were planning our trip, we added Saint George as a cheap stop near some national parks. It did what it was meant to do.

Left Park City Cold, Just Arrived in Saint George

Goodbye Park City, Hello Saint George. Usually, these posts are about our drives, but on our way to Saint George, I did not do the drive.

Easy Guide to A Less Painful Hosting Experience

Airbnb Thanksgiving 2022 Hosting for the first time can be a daunting task at any age.  It felt like we leveled up when we decided...

5 Experiences To Make You Love Park City, UT

Now that my time in Park City is ending, I have put together a list of my top 5 experiences you must have to enhance your travels.

Park City: Happy Familiar Faces & New Places

On our second weekend in Park City, one of my boyfriend’s friends visited.  After he arrived, he immediately wanted to check out Main Street.

Park City: A Place Where Winter is Extreme

Park City is a weird spot to learn to ski.  Since it is a ski town, even its beginner slopes are more challenging than other locations.

Left Moab in Awe, Just Arrived in Park City

It was an interesting transition from Denver (snowing) to Moab (not snowing) to Park City (snowing) all within one weekend.  We were nervous to arrive in Park City after the storm because we had no idea what to expect. 

Moab: A Quick Eye-Opening Stop

Moab, Utah was a location, unlike anything I had seen before.  It is one we will definitely return to.  With our current trip, we are planning a lot at the last minute.  Anyone who knows me knows that this is the opposite of my nature.  I am a huge planner.  While in some cases, I see the benefit, in others, I am kicking myself because I know better.