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Park City: Happy Familiar Faces & New Places

On our second weekend in Park City, one of my boyfriend’s friends visited.  After he arrived, he immediately wanted to check out Main Street.

Park City: A Place Where Winter is Extreme

Park City is a weird spot to learn to ski.  Since it is a ski town, even its beginner slopes are more challenging than other locations.

Left Moab in Awe, Just Arrived in Park City

It was an interesting transition from Denver (snowing) to Moab (not snowing) to Park City (snowing) all within one weekend.  We were nervous to arrive in Park City after the storm because we had no idea what to expect. 

Moab: A Quick Eye-Opening Stop

Moab, Utah was a location, unlike anything I had seen before.  It is one we will definitely return to.  With our current trip, we are planning a lot at the last minute.  Anyone who knows me knows that this is the opposite of my nature.  I am a huge planner.  While in some cases, I see the benefit, in others, I am kicking myself because I know better.

You Don’t Know What You Have Until It’s Gone: Technology

A Tale of the Missing Laptop and the Horrible Company that Made Me Cry One of the hardest parts about this Airbnb trip is the...

Left Denver Vibrant, Just Arrived in Moab

We love Colorado. Usually, there is not much content to write about for the drive, but the drive from Denver to Moab was life-changing for me.

5 Experiences To Make You Love Denver, CO

Now that my time in Colorado is ending, I have put together my list of top 5 experiences you must have to enhance your travels.

Denver: Spotlight on the Best Food

All of my Colorado food reviews in one spot. Food recommendations from Boulder to Colorado Springs. This post covers Restaurants & Take Out across several different cuisines.

Denver: Spotlight on the Best Drinks

All of my Denver reviews about drinks in one spot. This post covers Breweries, Cideries, and Bars.

Denver: Spotlight on the Outdoors

A big reason we love Colorado so much is the nature it has to offer. We tried to be outdoors as much as possible whether it was on hikes, walks, or in parks.

Denver: A Timely Fashion Treasure

This is a true story about the power of positive thinking, a woman's love for fashion, and being in the right place at the right time.

Denver: Time Flies Quick in the Mountains

We will be in Denver for 6 weeks total. Right now, we are about halfway through. I am learning that when friends visit, it forces us to have a jam-packed weekend. Which is great for exploring, but it also leaves us exhausted.

Denver: This is Me, Here We Go Again, Confident

When Demi Lovato announced that this would be her last tour, we had to see her in Denver at the Fillmore Auditorium. It was the best time to see her live.

A First Look at Our Official Road Trip Timeline

An overview of our road trip with locations, how long we stayed in each spot, and a song that is tied to our memories made there. Follow along on Spotify.