New York City Rainbow Color Challenge: Part 2


Next in the rainbow comes another challenging color for me to wear: Yellow.  I owned both of these yellow pieces already, but I have never worn them together.  Admittedly, it would have been awesome if I had a yellow bottom.  I know I would never wear it again and that seemed wasteful.  There are some influencers who buy clothing just for a photoshoot, but I will not do that for two reasons.  

One, I want to show you pieces that I truly own.  I could buy expensive clothing, take a picture, and then return it, but then you would not be getting to know me.  You would be getting to know who I would be if I was rich.  Second, I think it is slightly unethical.  I understand completely why this is a trend.  On the one hand, I want my images to look amazing and if they do, the post becomes an unpaid ad for the clothing.  On the other, I am using a brand to promote myself without giving them anything in return.

So I decided to take these Yellow images with long exposure in front of cabs.  How New York is that? It was such a failure.  Please see my attempts below.  I should have done more research on how to make these images work.  I will try again another day.  Feeling discouraged like my yellow image was going to be the below image with me smiling awkwardly from the sidewalk in front of the cab, we turned the corner and a yellow wall appeared.

Taxi Cab Photo Attempt

I do not want to jinx it, but so far, this challenge is working in my favor.  At every moment where I have lost hope, a wall in the correct color has arrived.  I know New York has a lot of colorful doors, but I happened to be standing in the right spot each time to see them.  Incredible.

On a positive note, I was very surprised by how much I loved my yellow makeup.  I expected it to look as flattering as orange (so not flattering).  To my surprise, it was a favorite look of mine.  I am going to recreate it with another color that is normally in my palette.    


Up next is one of my favorite colors to wear: GREEN.  This was the easiest outfit for me to put together.  I loved my green outfit from the Summer, but this sweater & jacket combo is perfect.  Also, pairing them both with my green dress was setting me up for success.  I originally wanted to take this picture in Central Park surrounded by green trees.  

There are a few issues with that plan.  One, I do not know what the trees currently look like in central park and if I trekked all the way uptown to find bare trees, I would be very disappointed.  Two, going uptown takes a lot of time.  There just weren’t enough hours in the day on the weekend I wanted to take this picture.  Three, how could I be sure that my picture wouldn’t read brown because of the tree bark instead of green due to the leaves.

If you have never traveled to the west village, you should know that dark green is a prominent color.  There are so many doors, trim, and accents that are this deep green.  As I was walking to my purple photoshoot, (yes, I did the colors out of order), I saw this cute arched doorway and knew it was the perfect spot.  

While I was taking this picture, I thought a woman was trying to get inside, so I started talking to her.  She wasn’t trying to get inside, but thank goodness I asked her because she told me that the door I chose was a famous speakeasy.  It is called Chumley’s and I will have to visit it once the pandemic restrictions ease up.

Since I knew my full outfit was going to be green, I did not want to have really intense makeup to match.  I settled on this look with bright green eyeshadow and no eyeliner.  It felt really fresh and I will definitely wear this look in my everyday life.  The next time I do, it probably will not be with a full green outfit to match.


Allow yourself to go with the flow a little more.  I was so set on taking my green picture in Central Park and would never have taken these awesome pictures if I did that.

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