New York City Rainbow Color Challenge: Part 3

Coming to the end of the rainbow, I had to go all out for blue.  It is the color I own the most of, so it easily could have looked like any of my other outfits.  I wanted the makeup to stand out as well.  I saw a cool eyeliner online and decided to try to make it work.  In hindsight, you cannot see the eyeliner detail in these pictures.  If I had to do this all over again, I would only have a blue lip. Maybe I will test that theory out someday.  


Honestly, I did not like the way this makeup turned out.  It is too much.  Not only did it feel extra, but I was not intending to go for punk rocker (which is what I think I look like).  This look without the lip was unfortunate.  I think it looked better with the intense color being more symmetric.  

I wanted to treat myself to a new outfit for blue.  There is a really beautiful cool shade of blue that I have seen popping up in a lot of stores.  I do not own anything in that shade of blue.  As the days got closer to needing to film, I decided I could shoot that really cool outfit another time.  This dress screams blue, how could I not pick it?

The dress I am wearing is my mom’s from the 80s.  We used to play dress-up in it.  I added the belt for some extra blue color and I was ready to go.  The spot I chose was in a really busy intersection.  I looked extra and I wasn’t even sure it was going to work out.  

This door is really close to my apartment.  I figured I should take some pictures with it first and see how they come out.  After further review, I made the right call.  The other spot was next to a dumpster and I would not have enjoyed shooting as much.

Since I already looked intense, I decided to try one of the “high fashion” poses I had saved online.  It made me feel powerful.   Overall, I am proud of the images I ended up taking, but this color and this look had me on an emotional rollercoaster.


When you cover your door with flowers that match my favorite sweater, I am going to take a picture in front of it. I am not surprised, but this was my easiest picture to take. There is magic in this sweater because I always have a great day when I am wearing it.

This look was easy to pull together.  Once the sweater was chosen, the rest fell into place.  I have purple glitter and this was a perfect opportunity.  Each time I use this glitter, I am getting better at putting it on.  I am still awful at taking it off.  It ends up all over the bathroom.  Days afterwards, I am still finding it.

I rushed to get ready for this shoot because we were losing the light and had dinner reservations.  My magic sweater did not let me down.  I got ready so quickly, flawlessly.  I took my close-up image without too many tries.  We left to go to the spot and the light was perfect.  I was able to take my picture with extra time to spare.


In my last color challenge, I didn’t do pink because I really don’t like pink.  I am trying to learn and I actually love this bodysuit that I just bought from Zara.  It is a dark hot pink which is probably the only shade I will wear.

After picking the bodysuit, the makeup was easy to follow.  I wanted to do a hot pink, glittery lip to match.  I liked the concept of having the rest of my face look natural to make it really pop.

Walking past this coffee shop, I knew it was the perfect location.  It was more difficult than I expected to take a picture here that read pink.  The angles had to be perfect.   

After all these colors, I am happy to be done.  The planning and the actual photoshoots were a lot of fun, but a lot of work.  I think I will take cool pictures around the neighborhood for a while.  If you have any suggestions for a future photoshoot challenge, comment below!

“I found I could say things with colors and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way – things I had no words for.” – Georgia O’Keeffe


Don’t be afraid to tag your inspiration.  I could not have done most of my looks without the Internet.

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