Waterparks Part 2: Innovative Idea, Fresh on the Mind

What are some of the biggest reasons people avoid waterparks? 

  1. Hygiene
  2. Status
  3. Crowds 

The Pitch: Elite Waterpark Social Club

Think water retreat versus water park.  Create an elite waterpark social club that has a vetting process and high-end amenities.  The rides and ambiance would be aesthetically pleasing.  Each park would also have a spa area.  The food options would be delicious with some healthier options, potentially a rotation of fancy food trucks.

Most water parks have to close when it gets dark for safety reasons.  With social clubs, there are contracts and rules that are signed which would allow for the park to stay open at night.    They would close some areas, but have a central event space that has a restaurant and bar which would allow for the space to stay open at night and all-year round.  


Let’s face it.  Current water parks are not the most hygienic of places.  I just googled it and I am so grateful I looked at this after we went (and not before).  Don’t do it, just trust me on this one.    

Problem #1: Urine.

Solution:  Create an adult only section and a family section for the most unhygienic rides, so there would never be a risk of urine in your wave pool & lazy river. 

Bonus: Allows allows for the lazy river to be a relaxing experience versus having kids swimming and splashing about.

Problem #2: Walking around barefoot.

Solution:  Have automatic “ski-lift” type buckets for each ride that you can put your belongings in at the top and retrieve them at the bottom to avoid walking around barefoot.  The worst is when you have to go to the bathroom and you are far from your locker.  Never go to the bathroom barefoot.  

Bonus: Increase organic social media since club members would constantly have their phone with them.

Problem #3: The mats.

Solution: Invest in higher end mats that are not made of foam and do not retain liquids.  The tubes always seem clean because the water dries off of them, how do we make this exist for the mats?  

Bonus: New mat technology can act as a differentiator for potential members.


Waterparks are for the masses and it is not considered classy to attend them.  Some people may love amusement parks and avoid them, so they can fit into a certain social class.

Problem #1: Waterparks are for the masses.

Solution: Add exclusivity by calling them “social clubs” and not allowing everyone to join.  I would think of this like a country club membership that has rides.

Bonus: There are appropriate ways to act at a country club that would carry over to these new clubs.  The culture already exists and we know there is an appetite. 

Problem #2: No one will want to be the first person to join.

Solution:  Partner with existing country clubs to market to an entire network of people.  People will see the same advertising as their peers and likely join as a group.

Bonus:  Targeted marketing has a higher rate of success.

Problem #3: Dress codes. 

Solution: Design a line of clothing for the social club and require members to wear only those clothes.  This method allows the social club owners to have strict control over the dress codes.  

Bonus: Great revenue stream & adds to the exclusivity aspect.


It always seems like there are too many people around you even if it is not a particularly crowded day.  Waiting in lines can be a hassle and take the fun out of the day.  

Problem #1: Not enough seating.

Solution: Fill it with cabanas and plenty of seats with umbrellas.

Bonus:  Planning will be easier. There will be a maximum number of members allowed, so the social club can plan for a specific amount of people.

Problem #2: Crazy lines.

Solution: Create an app that shows real-time wait times for each ride and have the ability to add your name to the “waiting list” without standing there.

Bonus: Track usage for each ride to see popularity.

Problem #3: Joining two groups on one raft.

Solution: Allow members to use the app to invite friends to their raft, so it will not be randomly filled.  Have a function that members have to ask to join a raft before being accepted.

Bonus: Networking is encouraged and will create a larger sense of community, so they have more people to ride with. Places with a sense of community also have strong loyalty.

So does anyone want to fund my high-end waterpark? I cannot be the only person who would pay for hygiene and crowd control.  It will likely be several years before I go back to one.  Hopefully by then, some of these kinks will be worked out.


Find me some land to build this.  Just kidding.  Take a moment to think of other things we did as kids that we gave up as we grew older.  Are there other pockets of opportunity for adults to have more fun? 

*Link to Part 1

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