Left Moab in Awe, Just Arrived in Park City

If you read my post about Moab, Utah, you would have seen that we extended our trip there due to a snowstorm in Park City.  These types of posts are the weirdest to write in hindsight because you already know where we were.

An Interesting Transition to Park City

It was an interesting transition from Denver (snowing) to Moab (not snowing) to Park City (snowing) all within one weekend.  We were nervous to arrive in Park City after the storm because we had no idea what to expect.  Luckily, our Airbnb in Park City had a parking spot in a garage.  I did not realize how much stress I was holding in my shoulders about having to clean off our car until we saw that we wouldn’t have to.  I felt like I could breathe again.

Since Park City is known for its snow, it is not surprising that its snow cleanup was above average.  When we pulled in, you could tell a major storm had just happened by the pile of snow on either side of the road, but the roads themselves were clean.

Best Airbnb So Far

Booking Airbnbs has been one of the hardest parts of our travels.  Since we live and work at home, we spend a lot of time there.  The impact of choosing a “bad” Airbnb is significant.  By “bad”, it is not necessarily bad like dangerous or dirty, but bad for our needs.  Park City was the best Airbnb we have stayed in so far.  I was really impressed with our host and so happy with our stay that I am going to link it.  

This Airbnb had everything.  There were two bedrooms and one had a desk so it served as my boyfriend’s office.  There was a kitchen table and a massive, really well-stocked kitchen.  Somehow making it even better, there were full two bathrooms.  The laundry was easily accessible in the condo.  The access to the outdoors for fresh air with the balcony was important to us.  Now, I know all of this is stuff that you can see on the posting.  

What you couldn’t see is that the recliners and couch were extremely comfortable.  It was a pretty big condo, so the sound did not travel as much.  The water pressure and temperature in both showers were awesome.  The month we spent was freezing outside and every single day we enjoyed the remote-controlled fireplace.

Our positive environment in Park City has definitely impacted our future Airbnb locations.  We started our travels trying to pick each Airbnb on a budget to save a lot of money this year.  In recent weeks, we have decided that if we spend a little more to have an Airbnb that suits all of our needs, we will be happier, more productive people.  We are only going to have a travel year like this, once, and usually, travel is what people save their money for.


Allow yourself to change your plans based on updated information.  If you are like me, it may feel unnatural to go against your carefully curated plans.  Well, plans change… or they should sometimes.  There is not one correct way to live life.  The events of each day should impact your decisions for the next – it’s called living.   

Elaina Pearl
Elaina Pearl
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