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Growth Challenges from 2020 – Now

At the end of every blog post, I challenge my readers to something that will encourage self-growth and learning. This post shares the all challenges, so far.

Time to Rebrand and Thrive

This blog post is about finding yourself and not being afraid to stay 100% true to who you are. It has taken some time, but finally, she is ready to Rebrand.

Strong Girl In Action

Actually, let’s start calling ourselves women in action. You are doing an amazing job. Take a deep breath and a moment to think about all you have done today.

Clear Cut, Simple, You See Black and White

The phrase black and white can have many meanings. The English language is amazing and highly confusing that this could be the case.

Predictions: Emerging Changes for Future

During the revolution, they could not understand the way it would impact the future. I have a few predictions on how the pandemic will alter society.

Meet Elaina Pearl – A Strange Way to Introduce Yourself

Elaina Pearl is anything, but ordinary and wanted her "About Me" page to reflect it. It outlines things that I am, I have, I will, I need, I wish, and I live.

New Perspective: Coats, Exteriors, & the Workforce

What do coats, exteriors, and the workforce have in common? They are all places to hide. All places where you cannot be yourself.

The Truth About The Importance of Work Outfits

Even within the same industry, the work outfits dress code changes. How do we make sure we can still have cute work outfits and be appropriate for work?