White Horse Tavern


A very cool spot. They have a lot of outdoor seating that varies from inside a fixture with heated lamps to outside subject to the wind without a heated lamp. You could guess which one we had. We felt very lucky to even get a seat after walking around asking places for almost an hour. After we sat down, the staff was very kind. I felt they were nicer than usual. We ordered our drinks and some guacamole. I ordered a Paloma that had more of a bitter taste than normal. The guacamole was delicious. It may have been the highlight of our time if we weren’t interrupted by a marching band playing music. They added so much to the vibe on the sidewalk. I wish there were more traveling musicians to liven up our sad Covid Friday nights out. The one big downside of the White Horse Tavern is that their drinks are weak. I would go back for the ambiance or for dinner, but never again to get drinks.