New Frenzy Fashion Trend: The Tan Trend

As I scroll through my Elaina Pearls Instagram feed, all I keep seeing is the new tan trend.  Fall 2020 was the season where tan became an “it girl” color. Khaki has always been present in trench coats & pants, but now, shades of tan are also being worn in sweaters, blouses, dresses, wool coats, sneakers and more.  A change in color palette drives the consumer to go out and shop; whereas a change in popular silhouette may be easier to fake, I’d be curious to hear how someone can fake a color. 

People keep saying that retail is dying, but I think it is only being revolutionized.   Years ago, would a fashion it girls’ posts make any difference in the product being created? No. It was all about the designers and couture, but now, fashion has become a movement. Consumers used to want to buy styles right off the runway, as is, to wear in their everyday, luxurious lives.  Nowadays, retailers are using inspiration from European designers and couture fashion shows to design their wear now lines for everyday consumers. Interested in how fashion has changed over the years? Read me next.  

New Color Palette

Each season, a new trend or color palette emerges and it’s usually beautifully curated from elite stores and couture fashion designers from across the globe.  This season, if you wanted to wear reinvented khaki, you’d have to pay for it. At this stage in the fashion cycle, the trend hasn’t hit the public market. The cheaper, mainstream brands have yet to explode with khaki in fear that, in the public eye, this concept has not yet bloomed. By this time next year, once the fashionistas have moved on, every store you go to will be covered in various shades of tan.  

All of this newness leads me to wonder if we are becoming a society of sameness.   If all of these “it girls” are wearing camel, tan, or khaki, are they truly being their unique selves or are they promoting the next big fashion idea to get ahead? We are in an era of revolutions.  The juxtaposition of love yourself and influencers leading the fashion movement seem to be counteractive.

I feel inspired by these girls and how they create their outfits, but I also feel that if I took their inspiration and copied it to the T, I would lose a part of myself.  Maybe, it is just that I haven’t found my soulmate influencer. I am taking all suggestions if you think you could be her. 

Elaina Pearl
Elaina Pearl
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