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San Diego: The Most Disappointing & The Best

A Moment Alone During one of our first weekends, Sam went backpacking with his friend that we were visiting.  I took the chance to explore the city - Elaina style.  I went shopping.  There were so many boutiques and thrift shops in North Park, which is the district our Airbnb was in.  I stumbled upon a parking lot that was filled with vendors, as if...

San Diego: The Beautiful Sunset Without A Crowd

San Diego Sunsets On so many blogs they will tell you to go to Sunset Cliffs to see the sunset over the Pacific Ocean near San Diego.  To me, it was overcrowded and stressful.  There are plenty of other beaches and locations to watch the sunset.  If you go to a less crowded beach, the experience can be calm and romantic.  I am not sure...

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