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The Truth About Surprise Parties

Are surprise parties really worth all the stress? The intense planning, manipulation, strategy, tactics, and effort all lead up to a moment that may or may not actually be a surprise.  Since the probability of a surprise being ruined feels high, wouldn’t it be easier to use that energy for literally anything else? Yes.  Unfortunately, I am not in the business of doing things the easy way and recently planned one for my older sister that was Sims themed.

Greek Goddesses Brought to Life: This is Gaia

Greek Goddesses: Gaia is a post about Elaina Pearl's photoshoot challenge for Greek Goddesses. Gaia is considered "Mother Earth".

Announcing: Setting Goals Is So Last Year

There should be a health-related, self-awareness, financial, family & friends, and a career goals that all work together to provide your daily motivation.

Best Styles Through the Decades

A post exploring the best styles through the decades. Each decade had a photoshoot complete with makeup and an outfit from each era.

Better Buckle Up: A Belt Series

A fashion blog post discussing seven different belts. This post includes styling ideas and an explanation of each type of belt.

An Unusual Opinion on an Unpopular Birthstone

An unusual opinion on an unpopular birthstone. This blog post focuses on jewelry, birthstones, with an emphasis on Peridot, for August.

New Frenzy Fashion Trend: Crochet & Matched Sets

The newest fashion trend is definitely inspired by grandmas: Crochet & Matched Sets. I am in awe of what can become an inspiration for us.

A Shorts Series: How To Better Your Closet

A deeper look into the different types of shorts and styling advice for each type.

Rainbow Photo Challenge: For the First Time

A challenge to take a monochromatic picture of every color in the rainbow. This idea started with only creating monochromatic outfits and then escalated.

An Old Lurking Question: Is Fashion Art?

The biggest take-away I had from this webinar was this huge controversial question: Is Fashion Art? My short answer is yes.

New Frenzy Fashion Trend: Bike Shorts

The newest fashion trend of biker shorts & blazers. Sometimes trends are silhouettes or materials and sometimes they are colors.

New Fashion Trend: Neon & Tie Dye

The newest fashion trend is neon & tie dye. Sometimes trends are silhouettes, patterns or materials and sometimes they are colors.

3 Reasons Why New Rental Subscriptions Are Flawed

Fashion rental subscriptions are a rising trend, but they are not for everyone. There is improvement needed before they can be adopted by the masses.

New Frenzy Fashion Trend: The Puff Sleeve

The newest fashion trend is bringing back puff sleeves. Sometimes trends are silhouettes or materials and sometimes they are colors.