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San Diego: The Most Disappointing & The Best

A Moment Alone During one of our first weekends, Sam went backpacking with his friend that we were visiting.  I took the chance to explore the city - Elaina style.  I went shopping.  There were so many boutiques and thrift shops in North Park, which is the district our Airbnb was in.  I stumbled upon a parking lot that was filled with vendors, as if...

San Diego: The Beautiful Sunset Without A Crowd

San Diego Sunsets On so many blogs they will tell you to go to Sunset Cliffs to see the sunset over the Pacific Ocean near San Diego.  To me, it was overcrowded and stressful.  There are plenty of other beaches and locations to watch the sunset.  If you go to a less crowded beach, the experience can be calm and romantic.  I am not sure...

Wichita: The Best Last Minute Decision

Follow our road trip adventure! Airbnb Hopping, Road Tripping across the USA while working remotely. Stop 3: Wichita, KS.

Left Branson Excited, Just Arrived in Wichita

I am sorry to say, but Branson, Missouri is not our spot.  Everything seemed harder while we were there. 

Branson: Rockstar, Magic, and Terror

When we planned our trip to Branson, I had no idea I would have the chance to see a live magician. Each show has a vibe and this show was rockstar terror.

Branson: Spotlight on the Best Food

While we spent our week in Branson, we wanted to eat out at a variety of local spots. This post reviews Billy Gail's Restaurant, McFarlain's Family Restaurant, Indian Delight, and Gettin' Basted.

Branson: What Happened in the Ozarks

Follow our road trip adventure! Airbnb Hopping, Road Tripping across the USA while working remotely. Stop 2: Branson, MO & their famous historic outdoor drama.

Left Asheville Tired, Just Arrived in Branson

It feels weird to be saying goodbye so quickly. Asheville was just starting to feel like our home. Our journey is continuing on and our next location is: Branson, Missouri. The drive from Asheville, NC to Branson, MO is 12 hours (without traffic and stops).

5 Experiences To Make You Love Asheville, NC

Now that my time in Asheville, NC is ending, I have put together my list of top 5 experiences you must have to enhance your travels.

Asheville: Spotlight on the Best Drinks

All of my Asheville reviews about drinks in one spot. This post covers Wineries, Breweries, Cideries, and Bars.

Asheville: Spotlight on the Best Food

All of my Asheville food reviews in one spot. This post covers BBQ, Restaurants, Food Trucks, & Take Out.

Dollywood, I Will Always Love You

I do not have a bucket list.  I would spend way too much time working on the list and not enough time living it.  If I did have a list, going to Dollywood would be on it.  I could not wrap my head around the fact that Dolly Parton built a theme park.  Never knowing when or how, I always knew I had to see it with my own eyes.

Asheville: Weird Happy Birthday To Me, Week 2

Starting to settle in, but there definitely is an adjustment period.  The highlights of Week 2 in Asheville was really my birthday!  Celebrating your birthday in a new city is a great idea, when you do it right.  I made the mistake of working during my birthday and celebrating during the weekend. 

Asheville: Just Arrived, What Happened Week 1

Laptops shut and we looked at each other like “Now, what?” I decided to google what events were happening in Asheville that weekend and I am so glad I did. We attended Downtown After 5, hiked the Craggy Gardens Trail, and explored Hendersonville & Flat Rock. Along the way, we went to a few breweries and wineries.