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Dollywood, I Will Always Love You

I do not have a bucket list.  I would spend way too much time working on the list and not enough time living it.  If I did have a list, going to Dollywood would be on it.  I could not wrap my head around the fact that Dolly Parton built a theme park.  Never knowing when or how, I always knew I had to see it with my own eyes.

Asheville: Weird Happy Birthday To Me, Week 2

Starting to settle in, but there definitely is an adjustment period.  The highlights of Week 2 in Asheville was really my birthday!  Celebrating your birthday in a new city is a great idea, when you do it right.  I made the mistake of working during my birthday and celebrating during the weekend. 

Asheville: Just Arrived, What Happened Week 1

Laptops shut and we looked at each other like “Now, what?” I decided to google what events were happening in Asheville that weekend and I am so glad I did. We attended Downtown After 5, hiked the Craggy Gardens Trail, and explored Hendersonville & Flat Rock. Along the way, we went to a few breweries and wineries. 

Time to Hit the Road: It Looks Like Asheville, NC

Finally, I found a job that allowed me to travel.  It took longer than we thought.  Since the date we wanted to leave was so close, so many spots were fully booked.  Unexpectedly, the best deal seemed to be Asheville, NC which was the complete opposite direction of our original journey map.  Initially, we thought we would start in the North in Montana, but with the recent news at Yellowstone, we decided to wait for hopefully better circumstances to go.  

Road Trip: Packing for a Year Advice

Packing for an entire year can be overwhelming. I have been on my trip for a little over a week and there are clearly items that I am grateful I packed and others that will have to earn their spot in the car.  My top 3 most-used items are a candle, my pillow, and a personal blanket.  It is no surprise that these are all comfort items.  Make sure you are not editing them all out, so you can make each spot feel like home.   

It’s Here: We’re Going on an Adventure

I have been waiting so long to share this first post with you all.  Sitting down to write this feels exciting and overwhelming.  Sam & I have been talking about going on an adventure for what feels like forever, but is realistically about 10 months.