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Park City: Happy Familiar Faces & New Places

On our second weekend in Park City, one of my boyfriend’s friends visited.  After he arrived, he immediately wanted to check out Main Street.

5 Experiences To Make You Love Denver, CO

Now that my time in Colorado is ending, I have put together my list of top 5 experiences you must have to enhance your travels.

Philadelphia Review: Set No Libs

I could not be happier Set No Libs has an NYC location. Set No Libs was one of the best brunch spots that I have ever been to.

Philadelphia Review: Le Virtu

When I first arrived in Philly, I googled "best outdoor seating in Philadelphia". Le Virtu came up and they had a great deal on Sundays/Mondays.

Philadelphia Review: Xiandu Thai

We love Thai food. While we were in Philadelphia for only a month, we got Xiandu Thai three times. It was absolutely delicious.

Philadelphia Review: Rosy’s Taco Bar

My boyfriend's favorite cuisine is Mexican. Needless to say, we eat it a lot which raises our standards. Rosy's Taco Bar met those standards.

Philadelphia Review: NY Bagel & Deli Shop

It is weird to review a place called NY Bagel & Deli Shop in Philadelphia. I always find it interesting when bagel shops in other cities call themselves "NY".

Philadelphia Restaurant Review: Little Nonna’s

Everything about Little Nonna's was perfect. They have a courtyard with string lights and heaters for when it gets cold outside. The Food - It was incredible. It. Was. Incredible.