Tag: Confidence

Growth Challenges: This Is Q4 2022

At the end of every blog post, I challenge my readers to something that will encourage self-growth and learning. This post shares the all challenges from October-December 2022.

Denver: This is Me, Here We Go Again, Confident

When Demi Lovato announced that this would be her last tour, we had to see her in Denver at the Fillmore Auditorium. It was the best time to see her live.

Unorthodox Post: Weird Raw Notes About NYC

An unedited post from my raw notes while walking around New York City. A challenge to take your random thoughts and make something from them.

Brand Opportunities: 13 Should Not Define Me

We often hear about rebranding. At what point in our lives do we start being branded. There should be an age limit that we start our brand at.

A Popular Opinion: Moving is Insanely Hard

Moving is hard. In the time leading up to the move, I wanted to be enjoying my last days in my home. Instead I was stressed and overwhelmed.

Clear Cut, Simple, You See Black and White

The phrase black and white can have many meanings. The English language is amazing and highly confusing that this could be the case.

Predictions: Emerging Changes for Future

During the revolution, they could not understand the way it would impact the future. I have a few predictions on how the pandemic will alter society.

Meet Elaina Pearl – A Strange Way to Introduce Yourself

Elaina Pearl is anything, but ordinary and wanted her "About Me" page to reflect it. It outlines things that I am, I have, I will, I need, I wish, and I live.

New Perspective: Coats, Exteriors, & the Workforce

What do coats, exteriors, and the workforce have in common? They are all places to hide. All places where you cannot be yourself.

Seven Deadly Sins: Temptations Seen Differently

Dual perspectives on the seven deadly sins with two challenges per sin. Sins are referred to as temptations because there are benefits as well.

Less Is Not More, More is More

A fashion post on the latest layering trend that ties into the concept of layering in society. In this layering decade, less is not more. More is more.

Hindsight 2020: An Unexpected Year

A post finding silver linings about the tough year of 2020, month by month. 2020 was an unexpected year and it is easy to focus on the negative.

How To Define & Name Your Epic, Personal Style

A post going through how to define your style and set up your closet for easy, fashionable outfits. The best way to revamp your style is to take inventory.