Snack Taverna


I really like Greek food and every time I eat it, I wish I ate it more. This spot was cute indoors, but not as cute in their Covid seating outdoors. They seem really authentic. All of their wine was Greek, so we had to do some quick research before we ordered. It was a celebration so we ordered a lot. We ordered the whole shebang which included a taster of all the spreads. Each one was delicious, but I also wish they had little signs to remind you which is which. Also, I wish we kept the menu so we could refer to the description. After our appetizer of spreads, we ordered a Greek salad and Zucchini Fritters. Greek salads at Greek restaurants are the best. Lastly, we ordered the Shrimp Santorini. There were a lot of interesting items on the menu. I will be returning 🙂