Get the tasting menu. This is the best advice my friends have ever given me. I will discuss each item individually because they were that good.

Wagyu Beef Satay: Great start to our feast. The apricot sauce made this slightly different, but overall it tasted like meat.
Crispy Rock Shrimp: Our favorite part of the tasting menu. This shrimp was so flavorful. Must order.
General Tso’s Soup Dumplings: These were great. I wish there were more and more soup in them, but the bites with soup were mouth-watering.
Cheesesteak Bao: These were good, but probably the biggest disappointment. I was so excited to try Bao, ever since I watched the Disney short. I think we should have stuck to a more traditional type.
Crispy Brussel Sprout: My boyfriend and I like vegetables, but these had us wondering how some people don’t like Brussels sprouts. They had so much flavor.
Szechuan Chicken Stir-Fry: The part my boyfriend was most excited about. It did not disappoint. Every bite was delectable. The cucumbers added an extra flavor in those bites. 10/10.
Glazed Chilean Sea Bass: This was the last dish to hit the table. It did not get all the love it deserved since we were so stuffed from the others. This came with curry and was appropriately loved the next day when we ate it as leftovers.
Mini Cones: We did not realize these two cones had different flavors. The one I ate was Captain Crunch and my boyfriend had Cocoa Puffs. How could those be bad?