A few months ago, I reviewed a restaurant called Roey’s. Rosemary’s is owned by the same owner. I would eat here time and time again. Their restaurant week menu had everything you could want, except for meat. The portion sizes were so big that I had to take some home which is really rare for a restaurant week dinner.

Appetizer: Chopped Salada Siciliana with escarole, olives, sun dried tomatoes, crispy chickpeas, artichokes, ricotta salata, and almonds

Main Course: Rigatoni Alla Arrabiatta with burrata, calabrian chili, garlic, and herbs

Dessert: Tiramisu

If you have been reading my reviews, you may have gathered that I am no lover of salad. I like all the components, but most times after I eat one, I am left feeling hungry. All that being said, I can appreciate a great side salad. This salad was one of the best I have ever eaten. It came in a massive bowl and I surprisingly ate the entire thing. The rigatoni alla arrabiatta was so good and just spicy enough. If you ever get arrabiatta in Rome, it is the spiciest sauce you can imagine. In America, I have gone to many restaurants where it is not spicy enough. Rosemary’s, like in Goldilocks, got it just right. Lastly was the tiramisu. My favorite dessert had been donuts for the longest time, but I think in recent years my palette has matured and evolved. Now, it is tiramisu. It was amazing. Again, just the right portion size. Rosemary’s really knows what they are doing.