Park City: Happy Familiar Faces & New Places

On our second weekend in Park City, one of my boyfriend’s friends visited.  After he arrived, he immediately wanted to check out Main Street.  We spent some time picking out the perfect restaurant for dinner.  A restaurant that looked delicious, but also served vegan options.  We landed on Chimayo.  The ambiance was so comforting, yet elegant.  We were treated to a delicious meal and a bottle of wine.  

There was a great bar a few doors down that had a live country band.  There were a lot of people on the dance floor and the band was pretty good.  A great start to the weekend.

Park City Mountain

On Saturday, I dropped the boys off at Park City Mountain for a day of skiing.  Both of them have been skiing for several years and can take on the challenging blues.  As an extreme newbie, the idea of skiing by myself was not an exciting one.  Also, skiing is an expensive sport.

After I dropped them off, I started my grocery shopping for Thanksgiving.  I am writing an entire post dedicated to hosting in an Airbnb, but here’s a sneak peek.  I had to go to four different stores to buy all my ingredients.

The timing worked out perfectly so that when I was finished shopping, the boys were done skiing. I went to join the boys for an after-ski drink to check out the Park City Mountain Resort.  There were so many little shops to visit at the Park City Mountain Resort, but they required walking outside.  It was a freezing evening, so we decided to only stop by once.  We are collecting postcards on this trip and wanted to see if they had a Park City one.  

No Name Saloon

After a homemade bowl of vegan chili, we ventured back out to Main Street to check out the No Name Saloon.  In a past life, this bar was called “The Alamo”.  The vibe felt like a hunting lodge.  They were playing throwback songs from when we were in high school and had a great mix of people in their downstairs section.  The Utah Jazz were playing on the screen and the energy surged in the bar when they won that night.

Funny story about the Utah Jazz.  When my boyfriend was in an uber back to our condo, the driver was telling him that the neighborhood across the highway was where a lot of the Utah Jazz players lived.  Out of context, he started thinking that he didn’t know there was a big jazz culture in Utah.  Why did all of the musicians live together? 

It was only after the uber driver started talking about their height that he remembered the basketball team was named the Utah Jazz.  He was not alone.  Every time he told the story, everyone had the same reaction.

Exploring Main Street

On Sunday, we wanted to check out some of the shops on Main Street and grab a coffee at this cool bookstore.  Well, it felt more like a coffee shop with a few books than a true bookstore.  Park City was setting up for the holiday season with the cutest musical snow globes.  I stopped to take a picture or video of every single one.  It truly irritated both boys.  

It was nice to explore a new area with an old friend.  We instantly felt more at home.


When you are traveling in a group, do not be afraid to adventure on your own if you are the only one who wants to do something.

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