New Frenzy Fashion Trend: Crochet & Matched Sets

Inspired by Grandmas

There is a trendsetter out there who really loves their grandma.  Two of the biggest summer trends are stolen from grandmother attire.  I am confused and in awe that someone took their grandma’s style and made it into a trend for young ladies.  To clarify, I am talking about the trends of crochet and matching cardigan sets. 

Trend #1: Crochet

I enjoy the crochet trend.  In this instance, it makes a really cute bathing suit coverup.  There seem to be endless design opportunities for the crochet patterns.  Crochet is being used in bathing suits, tops, dresses, and the list goes on.  I don’t own a lot of this trend, but I am posting some of my favorite pieces I have found online below.     

Trend #2: Matched Cardigan Sets

The second trend of matched cardigan sets is not for me.  If I am cold enough to wear a cardigan, I am not going to be wearing a cropped top underneath.  To consider this trend as a possibility, the sweater weight would have to be so light and thin.  A cardigan set made out of linen is something I could get behind because some nights do get more chilly in the Summer.  

These are not the sets being sold.  All of the cardigans look so heavy.  These are Winter cardigans being sold with teeny tiny tops underneath.  Please, I would love for someone to explain to me what type of weather these are meant to be worn in.  I am imagining myself dripping with sweat while wearing one of these in the Summer and shivering in the Winter.  

There may be one perfect weather day where these type of cardigan sets are warranted.  I do not buy clothes that I can wear one day out of the year.  The only garment I will ever buy to be worn once will be my wedding dress.  Everything else needs to serve a purpose.

All in all, I stand by my first statement.  I am in awe of what can become an inspiration for us.


Find a piece of inspiration from something in the room you are in right now.  How do you see it differently? What aspect of the design intrigued you? I am fascinated to hear what you come up with.         

Elaina Pearl
Elaina Pearl
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