Less Is Not More, More is More

Styling Layers

On every style guide, in every decade, you will find a section about layering.  The way we layer can change, but layering will always be a big part of having style.  I won’t bore you with the terrible layering ideas like dresses over jeans from the early 2000s, but instead, inspire you with the current layering trends that seem to be centered around turtlenecks. 

Turtlenecks and their popularity have ebbed and flowed through history, just like any other garment.  Right now, they are seen as the hottest item.  Wearing a turtleneck can elevate any outfit.  A turtleneck and trousers together are now modern chic.  Wearing a monochromatic outfit is modern chic.  Wearing multiple layers upon layers is modern chic.  

In this layering decade, less is not more.  More is more.

Some stylists are saying that wearing layers is a way to look expensive.  I think I will add the asterisk *if you do it right.  There are definitely a lot of ways you can layer outfits together and look sloppy, frumpy, or poorly dressed.  Like any smart student, I started with the internet to find out the best ways to look put together while wearing layers.

If done correctly, styling layers can add texture and dimension to your look.  You can be creative in mixing types of clothing, fabrics, and even patterns.  This look has a knit turtleneck, a sweater, a denim jacket, and an outerwear jacket at one time.  If I put all of this together in the same material or color, it would have fallen flat, but through mixing and matching it becomes truly interesting.  

The concept of layering has more to it than just keeping you warm.  Being able to properly layer, in a stylish way, takes time and a curated eye.  Putting together a layered outfit is harder than it looks which is why, when done properly, it could make your look appear more expensive.  Expression and personality shine through when extra time is taken to put together an outfit. 

All Forms of Expression Are About Layers

Clothing uses layers in a literal sense to add depth, but all forms of expression are about layers.  Every concept is built off of an existing concept.  When you are reading a book or listening to music and an idea is sparked, the existing concept can take credit for your inspiration.  There may be a person or a culture change that allows for your idea to be a continuation of a past idea.  

The world of creation is fluid.  People can take credit or ownership of a portion of the journey, but it did not start with them and it will not end with them.

I have started listening to past decades of music.  I started with the 60s.  The more I learn about the 60s, the more I wish I could have lived during them.  Listening to these songs, I have heard similar lyrics or melodies to current songs on the radio.  I can hear their influences.  So many of the accolades we give to artists are collaborations.  Art needs a community.  As ideas flow, the end result grows stronger.

To amend my previous statement, life is about layers.  These layers are the history of the world, your ancestry, or the town you live in.  They are your job and the work that was done before you showed up.  They are understanding the nuances of the now to be able to create the future.  We are at our strongest when we work together, when we build together when we bounce ideas off of each other.  Humanity thrives in community.  Humanity thrives in partnership.  Most importantly, Humanity thrives while working together.  At what point did we forget this?


Identify a layer, that if for some reason did not exist, your life would be altered.  Had you recognized its importance before now?

Elaina Pearl
Elaina Pearl
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