How To Define & Name Your Epic, Personal Style

Remember when you were in high school and there was an essay prompt about school uniforms?  The biggest argument against was it took away your freedom of expression.  Fast forward to 2020, what are we expressing?  I saw a video of Tan France today and he said, “If you are not a nudist, style is you.”  SO true.

In a lot of my fashion posts, I ask you to take a look at your wardrobe.  You need to know where you stand now to see where you want to go.  Interpret this for life and also, for style.  The best way to revamp your style is to take inventory.  2020 is over.  Clean out your closet.  Try Poshmark or just donate it.  If it does not bring you joy, Marie Kondo would question why you are keeping it. 

Go Through Your Closet

If taking inventory of your closet is difficult because your tops can be found in 7 different locations, it is time to update that.  Having a closet where everything is visible and easy to find helps tremendously when you are trying to figure out what to wear.  If you have not watched Netflix’ The Home Edit, do it.  They have a lot of tips and tricks for keeping a clean space that is easy to manage.

To take the recommendations from The Home Edit one step further, I ask you to reflect.  What is the hardest part of putting together an outfit?  Some common answers could be that your clothes no longer fit you, you don’t know what looks good together, or you cannot bear the thought of putting on anything other than sweatpants.

If you are finding at the end of 2020 that your clothes no longer fit you, try to remember the last time that they did.  If it was 2019, keep them.  Create a box of clothes that do not fit you right now, but could in the future if your weight fluctuates.  The key to doing this is to put them away.  Do not open your closet to stare at 10 items that do not fit you.  You may get discouraged. 

If it was 1999, it may be time to give that special piece a new home.  Some clothes have sentimental value, I get it.  It will be really nice to relive those moments when you find these pieces in a box in your attic 10 years from now.  To be clear: If it does not fit you right now, it does not earn a right to live in your closet.

Plan Ahead

If you struggle to put together outfits, prepare ahead of time.  Plan out an afternoon to put together outfits.  You should lay them on your bed and take pictures.  To find inspiration for these outfits, look to your favorite brands or style role models.  See what they wear and try to mirror your own looks. 

Next time you are having a stressful morning, not knowing what to wear, reference your images and you will feel instantly motivated.  You already did the hard work, now you just need to put it on.  Make sure you do this step after you have cleared out your closet of anything that does not fit you.  A friendly tip: If something has a stain, I don’t think you need to bring it to 2021.

If you cannot bear the thought of putting on anything other than sweatpants, do it anyway.  Choose one day to get dressed.  If you refuse you put on jeans, start with a sweater.  Sweaters are comfortable but also put together.  One of the biggest trends in 2020 is sweatpants.  You do not need to sacrifice style for comfort.  There is a world where you can have both.      

What Does Your Wardrobe Say?

Now that we have addressed the possible roadblocks, time to figure out what you want your wardrobe to say.  Let’s name our styles.  Giving something a name gives it power.  It can help increase your confidence. Treat it like a mantra.  Say it to yourself when you look in the mirror after getting ready.  I will say mine with sass, but as long as it is said with confidence, you are on the right track.  This name will act as a guide for clothing selection when you go shopping or when you clean out your closet.  Does this new piece fit with my defined style?   

Most days, I like to be trendy, colorful, and classy.  You could catch me at the mall wearing a neon purple sweater, dad sneakers, and some mom jeans.  Other days, I like to be edgy, bold, and risk-taking.  You could also catch me at the bar in a leather jacket, black plunging V-neck bodysuit, and ripped black jeans.  Both are me.  

I am going to name my style: Dauntless with a Twist.


Choose confidence in 2021.  Name your style and stick with it. I will try to express my road to confidence in my future posts, but there is more than one path.

PS: Yes, I would want to be in the dauntless faction in the Divergent series, but realistically I am divergent.

Elaina Pearl
Elaina Pearl
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