My Daring Halloween Makeup Results: Evil Witch

October rolls around each year with the changing of leaf colors, warm apple cider, sweater weather, and Halloween.  I could go on.  All of my favorite holidays are in Fall.  I’m not sure how it has taken me this long to realize, but Fall is definitely my favorite season.  To embrace Halloween to the fullest this year, I decided to do 10 days of Halloween makeup. To read about my process, read this post.

  1. Evil Witch
  2. Pumpkin Skeleton
  3. Tiger
  4. Gold Cat
  5. Rainbow Eye
  6. Leopard
  7. 70s
  8. Blank Slate
  9. Fox
  10. Batman

Evil Witch

Up first is my Evil Witch look.  This look is inspired by makeup artist Tena Basic.  She has so many inspirational looks on her Instagram Page.  The one that I based this makeup off is below.

For each look, I am creating a video of myself throughout the whole process.  I am trying to share tips from the perspective of someone who loves makeup, but is not a makeup artist.  In this first video attempt, I am using a different arm for my transitions.  This was not planned.  For all of the following videos, I only used my left arm. 


It’s Spooky Season & I am doing 10 Days of Halloween Makeup. Look 1: Evil Witch Inspiration IG: @tenabasic #halloween #halloweenmakeup #makeup #witch

♬ original sound – Elaina Hirsch

I rated myself a 7/10 on my look. While I did not execute these eyebrows, I do think it looks like an evil witch. Mine looks more like a green black swan than her fairy witch look, but I am very proud of the eyeshadow and lip I did on this look.


Find at least one positive in your attempts while you are learning. It is never all bad.

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