Restaurant Week 2022: Picture this. A dimly lit restaurant. A table seated in the corner next to a barrier of plants (that may or may not be fake). There is significant room between you and the next table. Delightful. The menu looks amazing, but since it is restaurant week, you already know I picked out my meal.

Appetizer: House-Smoked Salmon with bread & herb salad, caper berries, and a truffle vinaigrette.

Main Course: Braised Angus Short Rib with housemade spaetzle with celery root puree.

Dessert: Almond-Ricotta Cake Donuts with a brown butter glaze and white chocolate dip.

It did not disappoint. I misread the appetizer, so admittedly, I was a little shock when a salad came out. The flavors combined so beautifully, except there was one type of vegetable that was too bitter for me. The short ribs were the most reviewed item on their menu when I was searching. They were so rich and delicious. I am not sure if I have ever had short ribs before, but I will definitely be eating them again. Also, the spaetzle was so so good, I would order that alone 🙂 Lastly, the donuts. Obviously, I had to get the donuts and they were incredible. So flavorful.

Sometimes I leave a Restaurant Week dinner and am glad to have the experience, but would not go back. This was not one of those times.