Denver: Time Flies Quick in the Mountains

I am happy to say that I have not been able to write a ton so far because we are super busy.  We knew we would be once we got here.  Denver is the first place we are traveling to that we know people in.  It is weird to have plans again with someone other than Sam.  Like my other cities, I am planning to have one post dedicated to food & drinks that will come at the end of our time here.

Finally (Back) In The Mountains

We will be in Denver for 6 weeks total.  Right now, we are about halfway through.  Sam and I are loving being in Denver.  So far, we have had great weather.  Although, I would appreciate it feeling a little more like Autumn than Summer.  Our location is perfect.  We are close to a park and have access to a rooftop patio.  There is no stopping us from being outdoors.

When we were here last year, one of our favorite spots was Stem Ciders.  Thankfully, we went the first weekend we arrived because they are undergoing construction and moving locations.  It seems like they may have paused production because local bars are also out.  What a bummer.

Besides seeing the Demi Lovato concert, our first week here was pretty calm.  We scoped out the closest grocery stores and did some meal planning.  It was nice to be able to buy groceries again without having to consider if we would finish them before we leave.  

First Denver Weekend

Unfortunately, our first Friday night out was in the rain.  Going in with a New York mindset, I opted for a cute blazer outfit and left my rain gear at home.  I was the only one.  Walking into Reverence, Sam and I were the only ones not wearing a raincoat.  It is really hard to gauge Denver’s style and at the risk of offending someone, there is none.  Anything goes.  Athletic gear is accepted for every occasion.  One thing they have going for them is that people are sane and bring rain gear when it rains.

For me, this is Denver’s fatal flaw: no style.  As a fashion lover, I enjoy being inspired by everyone’s different styles and take on the challenge of putting together a great outfit for my nights out.  So far, I am 2/2 being the only person in these breweries to be wearing a non-basic outfit.  When I went shopping at the 16th Street Mall, I was not surprised to find only mainstream stores.  I fear on this journey, it is going to get worse before it gets better.

A Happy Surprise

As we are adventuring across the country, our friends and families are still planning vacations with loved ones.  We were happily surprised that two of our friends happened to be visiting Denver our first weekend here.  Unfortunately, they hit a ton of traffic coming back from a hike, so Sam and I went out for cocktails before they were ready to avoid growing too tired.  

We stopped by Lady Jane and it was “Bees Knees Week”.  They were running an event that if you ordered certain cocktails and posted on social media, they would plant 8 square feet of bees habitats.  It was an offer I couldn’t refuse.  To make the decision even easier, the drink that I ordered came in a glass shaped like a bear.  The décor was really trendy with dark green and plants everywhere.

After Lady Jane, we met up with our friends at Forest Room 5 which is one of the coolest bars I have ever been to.  It reminded me of Gilligan’s in Manhattan.  In the middle of the city, they have created an outdoor woodsy atmosphere.  There were campfires to sit around and there were smores on the menu.  Inside, there were two huge rooms including one with a foosball table.  It was nice to catch up around the campfire. 

Second Denver Weekend

During our second weekend, we had a friend come to visit.  I am learning that when friends visit, it forces us to have a jam-packed weekend.   Which is great for exploring, but it also leaves us exhausted.  In one weekend, we: 

We were able to cross off so many items on our list in just one weekend.  There is no way we will be able to tackle our entire Colorado bucket list on one trip.  With one more big outing, we will be ready to pack up our belongings and trek to our next spot.  I am assuming that Halloweekend will not involve hiking, but you never know.  The mountains are calling.


Allow yourself time to prepare and relax after hosting guests.  My calendar always includes time to make sure the space is ready, but for some reason, I assume that the second they leave, I will have the energy to work on my to-do list.  So far, I have been wrong 2/2 times. 

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