Brand Opportunities: 13 Should Not Define Me

We often hear about rebranding.  At what point in our lives do we start being branded.  There should be an age limit that we start our brand at.  Of course, I would need to rebrand from my 6-year-old self or worse, my 13-year-old self.  I wish my brand started at 18, but even then it is too young.  I am not the same person or even a similar person to my 18-year-old self.  It is the beauty of growing up, you grow.

What is the best way to say “yeah I sucked, but now I am self-aware”? Do I make it an Instagram caption? The things I used to value most have changed.  The people I valued most have shifted.  There is a new requirement to treat me like an equal human to be part of my circle.  Kindness to all is now a requirement and not just a suggestion.

Find Your People

I learned that I don’t want to be surrounded by people who don’t want to learn.  I don’t want to be surrounded by people who don’t want to better themselves.  There is always room for improvement.  Now that I have this new information, I want to break my mold.  I want to start over.  I am trying to reevaluate all decisions I once made.  

There are people who have passed through my life who maybe could’ve had a bigger impact.  As part of my growing, do I give them another chance or just be better when I meet new people? If you are a person from my past and you like my adult vibe, message me! Otherwise, I think I will stick to the new.

“Brand is just a perception, and perception will match reality over time” – Elon Musk

A brand can be centered around a lot of different personality traits or actions.  I want mine to focus on my love for dance, ability to always be silly, and commitment to stand up for what I believe.  I am also a petite woman who sometimes wears glasses and always wants to buy a new pair of shoes.

Humans are complex beings.  Defining your brand and focus takes finesse and attention.  For some tips on creating a social media brand, check out my Instagram reels this week. 


Figure out what you want to be known for.  Own it.

Elaina Pearl
Elaina Pearl
I started Elaina Pearls as an outlet to share my voice. The topics I write about cover fashion, lifestyle, & travel. On every post, you will find a challenge to spark self-growth. I believe that each day there is a lesson to be learned and something to be grateful for.