Barley Shea, The Best Puppy in the World

It’s a girl! This week I am excited to announce there is a new addition to my family: Barley Shea.  She is a black Labrador/Hound mix. Her birthday is April 10, 2020 (she is about 12 weeks old).  It all began when my older sister announced she was going to adopt a new dog.  We decided that dog should have a friend at our house!  Lentil was adopted two weeks before our Barley (yes the names were intentional).  Our little beans are bringing us so much joy.  Although we love Lentil, this is Barley’s post.

Barley has big ears, so we like to play her the song “Do Your Ears Hang Low”.  She also frequently listens to “I Feel Pretty”, Dog Calming Music, Pop Music, Disney Songs, and Latina Dance Music.  She is definitely my dog: a big fan of the Latina dance music.  She fell right asleep the first time I played it while I was cooking.  Barley can sleep the easiest when loud music is playing.

Barley loves to catch bugs.  Her favorites are moths.  They try to fly away, but she is quicker! She is a jumping bean.  The first night we tried to leave her alone in her playpen for one minute and she jumped out.  It seems we need a taller pen for her.

Barley was originally from Louisiana and loves to sit in the sun.  She is definitely an outdoor dog.  She can lie there for hours.  When she is inside, she sleeps in our sunspot created by our sunlight.  She also loves to sleep on our lap, which we are not complaining about.  She sleeps in the most bizarre positions with her head always falling towards the ground. 

Barley is a quick learner.  She is starting to understand what we want from her so easily, but like any child, the listening part is harder.  She is more attentive in the morning, but when she gets overtired, all of our training goes out the window.  We know training her is going to be a lot of work, but we are excited about every moment.  

Elaina Pearl
Elaina Pearl
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