Elaina Pearl

I started Elaina Pearls as an outlet to share my voice. The topics I write about cover fashion, lifestyle, & travel. On every post, you will find a challenge to spark self-growth. I believe that each day there is a lesson to be learned and something to be grateful for.

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Meet Elaina Pearl – A Strange Way to Introduce Yourself

Elaina Pearl is anything, but ordinary and wanted her "About Me" page to reflect it. It outlines things that I am, I have, I will, I need, I wish, and I live.

New Perspective: Coats, Exteriors, & the Workforce

What do coats, exteriors, and the workforce have in common? They are all places to hide. All places where you cannot be yourself.

Seven Deadly Sins: Temptations Seen Differently

Dual perspectives on the seven deadly sins with two challenges per sin. Sins are referred to as temptations because there are benefits as well.

Less Is Not More, More is More

A fashion post on the latest layering trend that ties into the concept of layering in society. In this layering decade, less is not more. More is more.

DIY: My New & Rewarding Hobby Exposed

A post explaining the ins and outs of my new hobby: DIY. The first project is drawers and the second is my basement. It is harder than it looks.

Hindsight 2020: An Unexpected Year

A post finding silver linings about the tough year of 2020, month by month. 2020 was an unexpected year and it is easy to focus on the negative.

How To Define & Name Your Epic, Personal Style

A post going through how to define your style and set up your closet for easy, fashionable outfits. The best way to revamp your style is to take inventory.

In The Workforce, Important Conversations Avoided:

An honest look at the workforce when it was moved to completely remote. New ways of working are needed to sustain hybrid and remote work.

The Best Way to Shop Online & Avoid Returns

The most common reason people hate shopping online is that returns are a hassle. This post includes three key steps for how to shop online and avoid returns.



Rainbow Photo Challenge: For the First Time

A challenge to take a monochromatic picture of every color in the rainbow. This idea started with only creating monochromatic outfits and then escalated.

The Truth About The Importance of Work Outfits

Even within the same industry, the work outfits dress code changes. How do we make sure we can still have cute work outfits and be appropriate for work?

A Shorts Series: How To Better Your Closet

A deeper look into the different types of shorts and styling advice for each type.

One Unusual Adventure at a Time: Elaina in Philly

Elaina in Philly shares adventures and obstacles in a new city. This post links to a Philadelphia section that has reviews of local restaurants and bars.

I Am Suddenly Alone, but Not Lonely

We are not consistently told while growing up that it is okay to be alone. There is always an activity, a chore, or a friend that could be occupying our time.