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Brooklyn Masters

*Don't let the name fool you, they are in Manhattan. If you google them, you’ll immediately see how many people are raving about them and they are all spot on.  This...

Brass Monkey

I was shocked that I had never heard of this place before I went.  It was packed & poppin'. The music was incredible. I was so impressed by every song...

Bowery Electric

I have only been to this bar one time on a Saturday night, but it was a lot of fun.  We went straight downstairs, got our drinks, and headed to the dance...


First of all, the sign is adorable.  They have Instagram-worthy pasta here that is mixed inside a wedge of cheese right at your table. It is worth ordering.  I will comment...


This is the first Indian restaurant I have ever been to.  I have only recently opened my palette to Indian cuisine and I started out with Trader Joe’s frozen goodies.  I was...

Discovering the City You’ve Always Loved

I have loved and admired New York City for all of my life and in May 2019 I made the move into the Big Apple from the Dirty Jerz. (New Jersey actually...

A History of Fashion

I came across this book because my boyfriend wanted to read about the industry I work in.  After almost a year, he still didn’t read it, so I decided to not let...

The Tan Trend

This outfit was only made possible by borrowing my cousins' sweater.Nothing is better than reuniting with cousins who live across the country.And my Aunt and Uncle, too! As I...


The wind was insane.Just happy to be outdoors.Wish we went bike riding instead of just posing with one.Only smiles here.The beautiful view of the canal. Pictures from my travels...