Aunt Jake’s


I eat Italian food a lot. My expectations for restaurants are very high. Aunt Jake’s exceeded my expectations. We showed up for our reservation right at 7 pm, both very hungry. We started with the burrata (pictured on the left) and each bite was a little slice of heaven. It was so creamy and tasted amazing with the basil and arugula. Then, we waited. We ordered our meals almost immediately after arriving. It took at least an hour to be served. Please note, we were HUNGRY when we showed up. We were also seated near the door and for some reason, they did not shut it. Imagine being cold and hangry… but finally, after what seemed like decades, our meals arrived. They were worth the wait. I ordered the shrimp scampi (pictured below) and my friend ordered the Rigatoni + Chicken Bolognese. While I will definitely be going to this restaurant again, I will make sure it is on a warmer day and eat a snack prior to arriving.