Meet Elaina Pearl - A Strange Way to Introduce Yourself

I Am...

1. Small & Sassy. As Shakespeare put it, “Though she be but little, she is fierce!' — which is my favorite quote.

2. A Lover of Shoes. How can you ever have too many pairs of shoes? We wear them daily.

3. Never speechless. Very opinionated. I believe we were given voices to be heard, no matter what.

4. Always in the mood to dance. Meredith Grey would approve of my love for “dancing it out”.

5. Dangerously ambitious. I don’t think I will ever be tired of learning more, trying new things, and questioning why things are the way they are.

6. A Virgo. I am not a fan of my birthday, but I am a fan of the cake.

I Have...

1. A passion for fashion, as well as, a job in the fashion industry. Our outfits are the first way we communicate with the world every day. There is always a reason for why we picked what clothes to wear and I love having a part in the way people choose to express themselves.

2. Weaknesses: Steak & Donuts (not together). My favorite places to buy donuts (in order): Doughnut Plant, Wawa, Krispy Kreme & Dunkin. I am still trying to figure out my favorite type of steak because I’ve never had one I didn’t love.

3. A one-of-a-kind family. We are all so goofy and love to hangout together. I have two sisters and a brother-in-law. Not to sound cliche, but I am a happy middle child who gets to call her sisters her best friends. Also, I have always wanted a brother.

4. An incredible boyfriend named Sam. We have been together for seven years! He is a big help with this blog... so patient when taking my photos.

5. Peridot as my birth stone. I feel blessed that my birthstone isn’t one of the more famous gems. Although, how nice would it have been if I was born in June and could’ve had pearls 😉

I Will...

1. Always choose to see the positives. Life is too short to let something small get in the way. If you enjoy a blog of someone who complains without proposing a solution, this is not the blog for you.

2. Find a recipe for a food I am craving and spend countless hours preparing it. Once, I was craving a slice of chocolate cake. I was really disappointed with all of my options, so I decided to make a cake from scratch. Four hours later... it was worth the wait.

3. Walk up the stairs even when an escalator is present. I am young, have two healthy legs, and sit at a desk for a large portion of my day. If you count this as exercise, please ignore my first point. I don’t count it. I bet if someone did a study, they would find around the same time that escalators were invented, laziness rose as a common trait.

4. Never give up on a friend. Even if we haven’t talked in five years, if you need someone to talk to, I will always be here to listen.

I Need...

1. To learn how to learn how to bring my ideas to life. I will do this through improving sketching, sewing, graphic design, and photography skills.

2. To find a happy TV show to obsess over. All of my favorites take you on an emotional roller coaster — Grey’s Anatomy, Station 19, Game of Thrones, This is Us, & the Handmaid’s Tale. **Taking all & any advice on these matters

3. To travel the world. I studied abroad in Spain and I got infected with the travel bug. There are so many different types of culture, food, landscapes, and way of life. I traveled to Copenhagen a few years ago where I learned about Hygge (don’t ask me to pronounce it) which is the Danish Art of Happiness. If you want to know the key to a happy life, read my post: HOO-GAH!

I Wish...

1. I was born in Spain. I studied abroad in Granada and it was so inspiring. Plus, I am trying to improve my Spanish and it becomes really easy to practice when your host mom doesn’t speak English.

2. I knew Emma Watson. Not only is she Hermione Granger, she is taking a stand for women and for causes she believes in. She is a great example of how celebrities should be using their influence to impact societal issues. If you are reading this, please follow me @elainapearls… and maybe let’s hang out sometime.

I Live...

1. To help create a world where people are real. A world where society markets real women, smart women, ambitious women. A world where equality truly exists between races, genders, and sexual orientations. I hope to inspire, with my positivity and open-mindedness, a generation of people who can master empathy and give back when they are able.