A Short Series


I found myself in a new situation this year.  I grew or I outgrew my clothing.  Being a middle child, I have had hand-me-downs my whole life.  I never minded because I liked the style of my sister and her friend who always blessed me with a shopping spree whenever they outgrew their clothes.  I have been around this size since I was 13.  When I went to try on my shorts this Summer, magically, they got smaller and tighter over this past year!  For the remaining shorts that were not too tight, I decided they were too short for an almost 25-year-old.  Most people would see this as a nuisance, I saw it as an opportunity.  

It has been the first time that I had a need to shop rather than a want.  I could decide what I wanted my style to be.  I could make sure the clothes fit exactly the way I wanted or I could return them.  It feels empowering to know I carefully selected and paid for most of the clothes in my closet on my own.  

The average person would not notice, but I am very particular about my style.  I do not wear the same pair of shoes two days in a row.  I try not to wear similar colors or prints in a row.  I try to vary silhouettes, etc.  Another way I am particular is how I curate my closet.  When I am shopping for a new garment, I think of all the white space I have in my wardrobe and only buy pieces that fill it.  For example, if I needed new pairs of shorts, their end-use would not overlap.    

To show off my new shorts, I created “A Short Series” on Instagram.  Every day, I will be posting the type of short as well as a picture of me in them.  For a sneak peek, keep reading.  There are definitely more types of shorts that I can add to my collection later, but I thought this was a good start. 

Denim Shorts

In my denim selection, I have covered 4 out of 5 washes (only missing a dark wash).  I have a combination of loose, fitted, and tight fits.  Also, there are varying hems (frayed, rolled, and regular), waists (mid v. high), closures (buttons v. zipper), design features (ripped, belted, branded) and lengths (short, medium, and long).  Between only 4 pairs of shorts, I have covered so many trends and have a lot of options to choose from when putting together my outfits.  There is no need for duplication in your own closet since we have limited space and garments we need.   

Other Shorts

Between these two pairs of shorts, I have covered print versus solid and color versus neutral.  Although both pairs have pockets, they are aesthetically different.  Lastly, one pair is a pull-on and the other has a button-fly closure.  Flowy shorts are easier to dress up than denim shorts.  Some shorts are so flowy that people may think you are wearing a skirt which also makes them easier to wear to work if you have a casual office. 

Challenge: Look at your own closet.  What is your white space? What do you have a lot of? Do I own enough layering pieces?  When I was doing my rainbow monochrome challenge, I realized how much of each color I own.  Do I own enough of the colors I look best in? Do I own enough seasonless colors? If you want any input on your white spaces, send me an email at pearlselaina@gmail.com.