27 Morton


27 Morton is the restaurant we chose for our first date night back in the city. The reviews were amazing. My boyfriend’s family is from Hungary so it felt appropriate that we go to an Eastern European restaurant first. When we arrived, we immediately realized this would not be the romantic evening we thought. The ambiance is definitely not fitting for a date night, but we love food and decided to make it a night to spend together eating good food instead of going somewhere else for a romantic vibe. We both ordered the Chicken Paprikash and a glass of white wine. This dish is one of my favorite meals that Sam’s father cooks, so we had high expectations. The meal was delicious. The signature house cheese spaetzle gave me some of the most flavorful bites of my life; however, we felt that Sam’s dad’s chicken was better. Next time we decide to have a Chicken Paprikash night, we are going to make Sam’s chicken & order the signature house cheese spaetzle to go. My mouth is watering just thinking about that combination. It is nice to go to restaurants to try to find a meal that tastes like home, but in the end, a home-cooked meal cannot be beat.